Shazier now can feel his legs, Vernon told WPXI-TV of Pittsburgh.

Since that moment, though, Shazier has been determined to frame his circumstance in the most positive light. He FaceTimed with the Steelers from his hospital bed a week later, after they clinched the AFC North championship with a victory over Baltimore. He made a surprise appearance for the team’s big showdown with New England, surrounded — and no doubt protected — by family and the glass separating the luxury box from the regular fans at Heinz Field, the whole of his situation still a mystery to those who follow the team and the league.

McNabb allegedly sent Cantor sexually inappropriate text messages. She accused Davis of rubbing his body against her and using lewd and sexually suggestive talk.

But a lot of well-documented things happened as Manziel’s college days wound down and his NFL career began as the Browns’ second first-round pick (22nd overall) in 2014. He became an out-of-control, unmanageable mess who thought partying regardless of the tabloid headlines that followed was more important than his NFL career. He had come from a wealthy family, appeared spoiled and immature and got in trouble with the law (in a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend that recently was dismissed after Manziel abided by several court-ordered steps). He became the latest poster child for wasted potential. His own father stated publicly that he was worried his son won’t live to see his 24th birthday after Manziel refused to go to rehab in early 2016.

Plugging that manpower into Shurmur’s rhythmic attack and pairing it with the league’s best defense, the Vikings earned a playoff bye for the first time since 2009—even with career backup Case Keenum at the helm following Sam Bradford’s Week 1 knee injury. Credit to Keenum: With the previous previous QB, Teddy Bridgewater, pacing the sidelines, ready to reclaim the job after recovering from his own knee injury, Keenum took an offense that finished 27th, 29th and 28th in total yards over the past three seasons and turned it into a top-11 unit.

Is all this enough for the horn-helmeted denizens of lakes Minnetonka and Minnewaska to start dreaming big? Can the Vikings become the first team to reach the Super Bowl at its home stadium and then end the franchise’s 57-year titleless drought?

Maybe such talk feels premature. Or perhaps Diggsy and Thielen, shimmying in their chairs, can turn this vision into reality too.

It was a rough way for the Rams to end the drive, after going 16 plays and 73 yards only to fall short.patriots_114_b9372f24e2233dfd-180x180

NFL playoffs schedule 2018: Times and TV channels for Saturday’s Divisional Round games

Wild Card Weekend consisted of surprising upsets, and the same could happen in the Divisional Round — which starts on Saturday. The Atlanta Falcons will travel to Philadelphia to clash with the Eagles at 4:35 p.m. ET on NBC (live stream). After that, the Tennessee Titans will fly to Foxborough for an AFC showdown against the New England Patriots at 8:15 p.m. ET on CBS (live stream).

The Titans, who are the No. 5 seed in the AFC, shocked fans with a comeback victory against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wild Card Round. Sophomore running back Derrick Henry exploded for 156 yards rushing yards and a touchdown. He’ll need to have another dominant outing against the Patriots, the AFC’s top seed. Tom Brady and Co. will score points, but the Titans can keep Brady off the field by running the ball and controlling the time of possession. That means Henry has to run the ball well, and quarterback Marcus Mariota has to extend drives and cap them off with touchdowns.

His parents worry about him, although not for the typical college-student reasons. Friends say that Fitzpatrick, 21, abstains from drugs and alcohol. His parents get his (mostly good) grades forwarded to them on Thursdays. They make the 15?hour drive from Old Bridge, N.J., to games once a month and know his whole crew. The cleaning staff at the football facility once thanked them for raising such a nice boy. Minkah Sr. and Melissa are not concerned that their son will end up on the wrong path; they just wish that every once in a while he could take a moment to notice when he crests a hill.

At the end of a whirlwind week of honors, Fitzpatrick picked up the Jim Thorpe Award for best defensive back in the nation and the Bednarik Award, joining Charles Woodson and Patrick Peterson as the only players who have won both honors. Some level of meticulousness is to be expected from anyone who achieves this level of success. Still, all new Alabama players take a personality test when they arrive, so coaches can adjust to their learning styles. In the years it has been administered, no one has scored closer to Saban’s personality type than Fitzpatrick.

That sounded about right to his parents. At 12, Minkah had looked disdainfully at teammates splashing in the pool the night before the Pop Warner championship game at Disney World. He grumbled about the right way to prepare. His parents relate the story with a chuckle, but the moment still annoys Fitzpatrick. “I just think if you’re going to do something,” he says, “you should be great.”

The Vikings are heading to the NFC Championship game to face the Philadelphia Eagles. Here’s hoping we get to see more skol Vikings celebrations like this one as Minnesota keeps its playoff hopes alive next week.patriots_098_5c0b7ee8676e0912-180x180

Onside Kick Family Hour: ‘Sometimes you’ve got to overcome coaching’

Hot damn! You, dear football fan, just so happen to be in good luck. The Onside Kick Family Hour is here to help you get ready for the Divisional Round playoff games.

Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White and myself first go back through last week’s Wild Card Games, covering everything from figuring out what the hell is wrong with the Chiefs in the playoffs to how the Titans and Marcus Mariota overcame coaching, and more!

As it turns out, that play ended up being the difference in the Titans’ 22-21 victory after an abysmal first half.

Now, as he walks east down Poyrdas Street, only his Day One crew tailing behind, he is, unsurprisingly, stopped at every block. A man with a barbecue grill attached to his black Chevy Silverado offers up some free food. Kamara stops and talk with him for 10 minutes. Then he gets a styrofoam container with ribs placed between two pieces of white bread and continues his walk.

A red Suburu Outlander pulls to the side of the road. The car’s windows roll down, and four women ask him if he needs a ride. Kamara briefly hops in the back seat, much to their delight. A man in a wheelchair rolls down the block at double speed, desperately attempting to catch up, but a half a street length behind and losing ground; Kamara notices him, turns around, and walks back to take a picture.

At the next street corner Kamara is stopped by a man in a Saints jersey. It turns out to be actor Anthony Mackie, from the Avenger movies. The two embrace and talk privately. Mackie, a New Orleans native and lifelong Saints fan, says that nobody has affected the team this season the way Kamara has. Then he’s asked if the rookie could hang with his group of Superfriends, be a part of the Avengers.

Saints left guard Andrus Peat has been a monster. He broke his leg during this game, and he’s now out the rest of the postseason. This is a big loss for the Saints, especially heading to Minnesota. But before he got hurt, he laid out this safety who’s down in the box. Play in the box, and be ready for some big boy football!

We finish with Marcus Mariota throwing a block to win the game for the Titans. It’s not a “disrespectful” block, but I felt it needed to be included.

General manager Reggie McKenzie said that he interviewed two candidates to satisfy the rule — tight ends coach Bobby Johnson and USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin. However, Gruden’s hiring was all but assured, raising doubts that the candidates in question ever had a fair shot at landing the job. The Fritz Pollard Alliance asked the NFL to investigate the matter after Gruden was introduced as the new coach.

NFL playoffs schedule 2018: Times and TV channels for Sunday’s Wild Card Games

Looking ahead, the Fultz/Tatum trade seems destined to be this decade’s Greg Oden/Kevin Durant debate, a watershed moment that will define both franchises as Fultz, Tatum and Boston’s prospect to be named later develop. Given that both the Celtics and Sixers have rosy long-term views and diehard fanbases, it’s best to start buckling up now for endless relitigating.

This was the hit that sent Kelce to the locker room:

He would be taken to the locker room, and the Chiefs would score a touchdown on the drive to make it a 21-3 game going into halftime. The Chiefs later ruled Kelce out for the remainder of the game.

What does this mean for the Chiefs? Kelce is one of the best tight ends in the NFL, and he’s a key part of the Chiefs’ offense. He plays in many spots on the field with his 6’5, 260-pound frame, and it shows every Sunday.

This season, Kelce had 83 receptions for 1,038 yards and eight touchdowns. He was second only to Tyreek Hill in yards receiving and first in receiving touchdowns.

It’s not Kelce’s first concussion this season. In October, he suffered a hit to the head against the Texans and initially remained in the game. But after a second evaluation, he would be removed from the game.

It’s also a first for three of the teams. The Eagles, Seahawks, and Titans are three of the six NFL teams that have never played a game in the UK.

What does this mean for the Titans offense? Tennessee leans heavily on the run and is at its best when the team is grinding opposing teams. Losing a No. 1 running back in that kind offense is typically bad news.

But with Henry in the backfield, the Titans aren’t in bad shape. Even after averaging less than 2 yards per carry in the season finale, the second-year running back finished the year with 4.2 yards per attempt while Murray had just 3.6.

The 6’3, 247-pound running back was a workhorse during his Heisman Trophy-winning time at Alabama and shouldn’t have a problem handling the load against the Chiefs.

Losing Murray puts a lot of pressure on Henry, but the Titans should be just fine.patriots_015_3069a66c4478c5bf-180x180

The team was playing its fourth game of the season at West Clermont Middle School when parents of the opposing team noticed what was on the jerseys.

The Kings Rec Basketball 7-12 team wore jerseys with the nickname “Wet Dream Team” on the front, and on the back of the jerseys, players had offensive terms such as “Knee Grow” and “Coon”.

A representative from the West Clermont team spoke with officials before the start of the second quarter and the game was called, according to Chris Mayhew of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Seahawks Healthier Than Rams Right Excluding players already placed on the injured reserve, the Seattle roster looks fairly healthy despite the short week of preparation for a Thursday night game.There’s no need to be afraid of making a mistake, everybody makes mistakes.Devonta went to Miami Central High School West Little River, .Slaughter is one of 10 St.Although he would fill a need as he is a pass-rushing presence on the inside of the line, I ‘t see the Redskins biting at the $17 million per year price tag that he should command on the open market.NFL offenses attack this to death until can prove worthy off- looks.

Because ‘s ends the early , it typically affords veterans such as Hickson an opportunity to vie for 10-day contracts to return to the league March and after completing their abroad.Talk loud and with confidence, and that is what Biz brought, said.Businessman Hannes Kulvik and his family had been loyal Mossack Fonseca clients since 2000.Not only did cut severely into ‘s playing time, but he also benched the underperforming Miles for rookie Krause.Marchand is also tied with Chicago’s Patrick Kane and Edmonton’s Connor McDavid for the top spot the NHL with points.Two more weeks and won’t have to juggle his personnel and ask a random ‘s Stadium bartender to become a backup cornerback.

“In order to avail of this offer, qualifying supporters should present their 2017-18 Coutinho replica shirt at any official club store where the voucher will be issued. The shirt will not be retained but proof of purchase will be required.”

Coutinho spent five years at Anfield, having joined the club from Inter Milan in 2013. His time at the Merseyside club saw him develop into one of the most fearsome attackers in England, and his departure will certainly leave the Reds with work to do in terms of finding a replacement.

We’re pretty confident that just about when his DL time is up, he’ll be ready to resume starting again, Indians manager Francona said.We’re gonna be fine.Murphy was outfielder and first baseman his League Baseball career, and his No.The Cavaliers would be signing another low risk, high reward player and the culture within the Cavs locker room, with its curious mix of vibrancy and seriousness, would benefit Sanders.

He collaborated with -time friends Phil Deschambault and Paddy McCallion and together they created over 30 songs worth of material that would be later cut to ten songs for the album.Bodanzky, who co-wrote the screenplay with her partner, screenwriter Luiz Bolognesi of one of her girls’ classmates, who lends her a sympathetic ear and gives her the sensible advice that Dado doesn’t, is just as important.Obviously, through the last little bit, I think we’ve strung some good pieces of together but we haven’t played the full 60 minutes, Simmonds said.It was definitely big for us, Niederreiter said.So, does not lack perspective.Certainly not here , however, with the Yankees making an improbable run at a wild-card berth.bears_084-223x223

I get paid on Thursday whether they win or lose.

Let’s back up for a second. The traditional voice of the sports journalist (or any journalist) is a neutral voice, detached from any connection to the teams, players and coaches he or she covers. The buzzword here is “objectivity.” This was best expressed by one of my early colleagues in sportswriting, who was once offered condolences after the team he was covering lost in the playoffs. “I don’t care,” my colleague said.

That’s the third best save percentage the NHL all of .Massie and Watford are with the second team.He has siblings named , Jamil and Brandon.Levy accidentally broke Paterno’s shinbone a sideline tackle a game 2006 between State and Wisconsin.Conforto and Flores later tagged Cain for solo home runs.

I had that attitude last year, and I ‘t care if I get points, but things were clicking for me because you just take what’s there.EA Sports — the company that makes Madden Football — just trolled the hell out of Romo, basically saying the only way Romo ever reach the Super Bowl is the game.Cobb, on the other hand, could be a big benefactor relative to what he’s done this year.

The chips could not have fallen any better for Romine.and are as good as gone.Entering , no one expected Alabama freshman Jalen Hurts or Cowboys rookie Dak Prescott to play significant roles their teams’ seasons.

With that said, direct all future questions to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to get to as many as we can. Let’s dive into these emails. (OK, some of them were tweets. We’ll let it slide).

Jaren Jackson and Miles Bridges each have their merits as lottery picks, but to me, Jackson is the superior prospect and it’s not especially close. Where that means he’ll be drafted remains to be seen, but his blend of length, shot-blocking ability and potential to space the floor has built-in value. When you couple that with the fact he’s an entire year younger than many of his freshman classmates, and how much he’s improved over the course of the last 12 months or so, Jackson is a fairly projectable player. He’s not without flaws—he doesn’t appear to be an elite leaper and has to improve as an interior scorer, plus the mechanics of his jumper are a bit of a mess. But there’s a lot to like in the long term.

Ezell Ruffin Ruffin caught 111 career passes for 1 yards and five TDs as Aztec.Sutton reportedly weighed 330 lbs last , up from the 280 pounds he said he played at as a .At this point their careers, Dobson has a higher upside than Amendola, but he is also injury prone.Owners of Kristaps Porzingis can officially count this week as a mission failure, as the Knicks PF missed ‘s game at the Raptors with a lingering Achilles issue.

The forward said the seven he had his first stint with the Ducks allowed him to feel more settled with the club this time around.

It’s generally accepted that, in the famous words of Gisele, a quarterback can’t throw and catch the ball at the same time. Except, with the Titans’ backs up against the wall in a noisy Arrowhead Stadium, Marcus Mariota did just that.

Mariota’s touchdown pass to himself sparked the Titans comeback, but perhaps on a different night his thread-the-needle touchdown throw to Eric Decker for the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter might have been his best play of the day. And, like last week against the Jaguars, Mariota sealed the win on the game-deciding play—not with a stiff arm this time, but by lowering his shoulder to throw a block against Chiefs linebacker Frank Zombo on a 22-yard run by Derrick Henry. That play, which converted a third-and-10 inside the two-minute warning, allowing the Titans to kneel out the clock and advance to the divisional round.

Has enough kicking power to make some field goals and drive some punts down the field but kicking accuracy drops with distance and occasionally takes too to get punts off.It’s obviously around us, Yeo said.I scored two goals but walking out after the game by the Flames’ old office Atco trailer, who else is there but McNeil and .Also he led the team tackles and solo tackles 2007.I think it’s been pretty apparent to most Bolts fans that Drouin has been the best player on the ice a Lightning sweater recently, and it’s not even close.

Leier played 10 NHL earlier this .While the Trophy is supposed to recognize the best defenseman the league, recent years have put the emphasis on a given player’s offensive contributions as opposed to his work his own end.Early offseason work has surely put a smile on Clay Matthews ‘ face.A year later, 2014, he also underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair damaged cartilage his knee.

Kelsee Henson then blooped a single to the shallow outfield to score pinch runner Hannah Huffman and put UK up, 3.If they ‘t want to put anyone on injured reserve, the Blues have to use both Dmitrij Jaskin and Ty Rattie as replacements and configure the lines so that Robby Fabbri, Alexander Steen or both can be centers.

Tye was the leading receiver for the Giants but this is nothing to get excited about as the entire passing game was mediocre on .Free Puck Retrieved by McElhinney.They returned to Broadway with 1958’s The Flower Drum , which included I Enjoy Being a Girl.Analysis: Bochy was booed when he went to the mound to bring Casilla into the game, and booed louder when he had to go back and pull him two batters later.Really, I’m not just playing for them, but for each other’s families, too, for their future, he added.These terms and conditions explain our house rules and legal guidelines.

Firehouse Friday salutes Culver City Station 1 which has gone pink support of breast cancer research.

Steelers finally dominated an inferior opponent — After struggling with below-average teams this season, the Steelers dominated the Texans. The game was never in doubt as a 5-yard touchdown pass from Ben Roethlisberger to Justin Hunter, filling in for the injured Antonio Brown, was the first of two touchdowns thrown by Roethlisberger.

The Steelers lost to the Bears (5-10) this season and have three-point wins over the Browns (0-15), Colts (3-12), Packers (7-8) and Bengals (6-9). Seeing their team not play down to their opponent had to be a welcome Christmas gift for Steelers fans.

Texans did not play to their strength — After pounding the ball on the ground to get it to the Steelers 1-yard line, O’Brien had Yates pass twice. The first pass went over the head of a wide-open Braxton Miller in the corner of the end zone. The second pass was intercepted by Steelers cornerback Artie Burns and Houston’s eight-play, 80-yard drive resulted in zero points.

3. Steelers-Patriots rematch is inevitable — The Steelers and Patriots each now have first-round byes as the top two seeds in the AFC. After their epic contest on Dec. 17 won by the Patriots in controversial fashion, the rematch is almost a certainty. There does not appear to be another team in the AFC that could go into either Pittsburgh or Foxborough and win. That rematch, however, would take place at Gillette Stadium, where the Patriots have won nine straight playoff games.

If the Browns or Eagles are abominable this year, the Browns are likely going to go all on a quarterback next year’s draft; perhaps DeShaun Watson from Clemson.Even still, Rodgers got hurt.then missed the first eight weeks of the 2014 , but has since surrendered only two touchdowns and intercepted 10 passes .

With size the Canucks coveted when the team signed him as a free agent last , ability to win faceoffs and a commitment to playing stifling defence, Chaput has become a fourth-line fixture for the hockey club.When opposing defenses were too caught up containing DeSean deep down the field, or prioritized instead of on the other end of the line, made them pay.He’s shaken off the nasty slump to go 40 for 124 with nine homers his last 32 .

Brown began to show his skills as a kick returner while he was a sophomore, when he averaged 25 yards per return and scored one touchdown on a return.2 pick of Eastern Kentucky DE Spence, which filled a need.Those 10 touchbacks meant just 12 percent of his kicks were not returned, less than half the next-lowest total.13, at Washington, 12 Nov.And yes, it should be noted that Woodson spent the first eight years of his career Oakland, where he played a Super Bowl, followed by seven years Green Bay, where he won a Super Bowl, and then another three years back with the Raiders.

Broncos keep coach Vance Joseph, fire six assistants

Vance Joseph is getting another year in Denver but a number of assistants are not.

Broncos general manager John Elway met with Joseph on Monday and informed him he would be retained for the 2018 season. While Joseph was kept, six position coaches were fired: Jeff Davidson (offensive line), Johnnie Lynn (assistant defensive backs), Brock Olivo (special teams coordinator), Fred Pagac (outside linebackers), Eric Studesville (assistant head coach/running backs) and Tyke Tolbert (wide receivers), the team announced Monday night.

One of them started trading insults with Bruschi’s brother.Goodwin won’t top any prospect lists, but he hit very well Syracuse last year and impressed Baker during his league time.As it turns out, Giroux is having trouble paying the higher taxes terms of attention and tighter checking.I opened eyes and saw looking down at me.Louis Blues.All products ship within 3 Business days upon receipt of payment For multiple orders that are won from Fanatics Authentic within a 24 hour period, combined shipping may be applied.First seasons for the No.The National Football League says it does not keep those kinds of statistics, Voxxi points out, but unofficial check of former Super Bowl teams suggests this is unprecedented.They really are probably running backs high school, and they got a tackle running back.stands out because of his depth of experience as a listing agent and his high success rate selling his client’s listings.

The Bills did need help to get in on the last day of the season, and for once, they got it. Their 9-7 finish is only their third winning record, and their sixth non-losing record, since that fateful 1999 season, the year of their wild-card loss to the Titans in the Music City Miracle. They hadn’t even been in position to need help on the last day that often, if ever.

He reiterated that point during a Monday news conference: I don’t know that there is a delay or sticking point, I just know that we’re … see I almost said something stupid there. I caught myself. This isn’t a paper route, and not that that’s bad, OK? I just think there’s things that I think both of us want to feel good about.

So what some had considered a foregone conclusion — Lewis’ departure — remains unresolved for the time being.

That indecision ripples through the Bengals coaching staff as the annual game of musical chairs begins with head coaches being fired and staffs leaguewide being shaken up by the firings and subsequent hirings.

Broncos considering Ben McAdoo for QB coach, report says

The Broncos are interested in him as the quarterbacks coach under current coach Vance Joseph, KUSA reported.

McAdoo and Joseph already have a personal relationship, since they were on the same staff together in San Francisco. Another person the Broncos are considering is Ken Zampese, who most recently worked as the Bengals offensive coordinator.

Zampese was fired in September after a disastrous Week 2 performance.

The Bills are in the playoffs now, despite everything, practically in spite of themselves. Despite Peterman for a barely plausible reason.

After 17 years, they’re not throwing it back.

Still to be determined at ESPN is whether it sticks with a two-person booth or goes back to one play-by-play announcer and two game analysts. The last time it tried it — with Tony Kornheiser, Ron Jaworski and Mike Tirico — it flopped. ESPN dropped Kornheiser and went back to a two-person booth of Jaws and Tirico.

Bill Belichick won’t tolerate tardiness. Not even in a blizzard.

Patriots players know the snow expected from Winter Storm Grayson this week is no excuse to be late for meetings and practice.

“You certainly better leave yourself enough time to get here on time,” Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater told reporters on Wednesday. “We all know there’s weather. Coach has mentioned that several times to the team. I wouldn’t want to be the guy who’s late (Thursday). But look, I don’t think we’re going to have an issue. Guys understand we need to be here. The expectation is what it is. We live in New England. There’s going to be weather. Give yourself some extra time; as simple as that.”

Hoyer was convinced that would be double-teamed.But after the 2010 season, Meyer abruptly left, while Driskel stayed committed to .It’s a testament to Ellison that he’s become such a malleable piece of Minnesota’s equation.The slumping Blackhawks have lost five of their last six .As the graphic from on illustrates, the Seahawks are a different team defensively when they’re without , or Kam Chancellor: Jordy and Davante Adams are both line to have good outings given the circumstances.Ducks goaltender Bernier makes a save against the Canadiens during the first period of NHL game, Tuesday, Dec.Carlow Clan O’ R1b1c7 Unique 12-marker Haplotype: Circa 115 C.But a couple other former Badgers – running back and outside linebacker Biegel – are there, while running back Dare Ogunbowale was last week for the East-West Shrine Game.With Mookie Betts on third base, Bogaerts laced a double down the left field line at Camden Yards for RBI double.wrote a check to cover the expense and did not the mailer before it went out, he said, and he later disclosed Osmundson’s and Bairos’ shares as nonmonetary contributions.Palmateer often passes the Truro water reservoir as he hikes about the area and he has been taking photographs to record the decreasing water line at the town resevoir.